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Is your dog a much loved member of your family? Ours certainly are...they have the best spot on the sofa, the middle of the bed, a better diet than us, not to mention the fantastic wardrobe of outfits for every occasion. It is true that over the years dogs are now considered family members and rightly so!

What would you do if your dog was lost, missing or stolen? The thought is unimaginable and I would go to the ends of the earth to find both my dogs as I'm sure most of us would. I have been personally involved in a search for a beloved dog and as business owner with a social media presence shared many a 'lost dog' post...many of which have luckily been found safe and well.



According to the Keele University, unfortunately dog theft is on the rise and has been since 2012. With almost half of UK households now having a pet, its a scary statistic that more than 60 dogs are stolen in England and Wales every week

Moo Moo & Bears Top Tips to prevent your dog being stolen:

We all know that the reasons dogs are being stolen varies enormously from being stolen for dog fighting, breeding or simply stolen to order to make money. We need to be aware of things we can do in our daily routines to make it more difficult for dog thieves to target our dogs and keep them safe

1. Vary your walking patterns.

Not only is varying your walks good for both you and your dog, a fresh new environment and smells but it also makes it more difficult to target a dog for theft if your routine is constantly changing.

2. Beware of strangers asking you questions about your dog.

We had an experience recently of a man handing leaflets door to door who heard the dogs bark, and questioned their breed....clearly I joked and said they were Rotweillers (with very high pitched barks)! I am always aware of calling the dogs names aloud when out in public and am conscious of who may be around to hear.

3. Have a great recall technique.

A reliable recall is vital to keep your dog safe from lots of external elements when out and about. If you are unsure whether they will come back to you then you can use a long training line or find out about dog training classes in your local area.

3.Ensure your garden is secure and any external gates have locks on them.

It is important to check daily that gates are still locked and after any strong winds and storms that all fences are still standing, to prevent both dogs escaping and for easy access for trespassers.

4. Microchip your dog.

As of April 2016, it became compulsory to microchip your dog. Always ensure your details are kept up to date and that your chip is checked at least annually. Should your dog not already be microchipped then you can get them chipped at your local vets, or The Dogs Trust offers a free microchipping service.

5. Wear a dog collar with tag.

The Control of Dogs Order 1992 made it legislation in the UK for "every dog while in a highway or in a place of public resort shall wear a collar with the name and address of the owner inscribed on the collar or on a plate or badge attached to it". With that in mind we are in the process of adding an entirely new collection of dog ID tags to our range.

Not only is 14th February Valentines Day, a day to celebrate love, (I'll let you into a little secret .... this year I'm spending my Valentines with two of the most beautiful furry loves in my life), but it is also #DogTheftAwarenessDay.

We are really excited about a new range of dog ID tags Moo Moo & Bear are launching shortly and what day could be better to let you know about them than Pet Theft Awareness Day.

Available in two sizes, they will comply fully with UK legislation, plus create that stylish co-ordinated look for your dog when out and about.

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