Don't forget the tea bags!

There's nothing like a Yorkshire tea wherever you are in the country when you're away, so it's our most essential item we pack (along with the walking boots). But what about your dogs, do you take their home comforts with you? We are just about to embark on what feels like a global expedition taking Moo Moo and Bear on holiday and their list of 'essentials' is quite possibly endless?

We asked a lovely group of dog lovers what 'essentials' they took on holiday with them for their dogs and it seems it is no mean feat packing for your furry family members, in fact you may travel lighter than them!
So here are Moo Moo & Bears top travel essentials.


A First aid kit, tick remover and regular medication is vital to remember when you go away with your dog. Whether it be your flea and worming treatments to daily medications. Moo Moo is an anxious dog, so we have to prepare for every eventuality and ensure her 'stress bucket' does not fill up whilst away on holiday. She is on regular natural medication which in times of perceived stresses we can increase her medication prior to the event. This includes using at times Dorwest Scullcap and Valerian tablets and Valerian Compound. We also use our tried, tested and very much loved Pet Remedy spray. We have both the large bottle and small bottle which is a great handy size for taking in your walking bag, and we decant from the large bottle to re-fill. It's used daily on a bandana for Moo Moo when we are out and about and we most certainly know it works for her with immediate results. Oops, don't forget to take your vets details with you and find a contact number for a vets local to where you are staying.


We are avid walkers when on holiday with the girls, and regularly walk 10+ miles daily so the girls also walk that (and I'm sure much more). We very much look forward to our hearty pub dinner in the evenings and so too do the girls. With their Slumbering Hound Slumber Blanket and an array of delicious and healthy treats the girls are fully catered for on an 'all-inclusive' basis.

GURU Trip Bones and YAKERS Dog Chews are both healthy and most importantly non-smelly chews for the benefit of other diners and keep them busy chomping for a wee while. Don't forget your high value recall treats when out on your walks. The places you visit may be unfamiliar to both you and your dogs so it is important to ensure your dogs recall is THE best. Our freshly homemade liver bites do exactly that....Moo Moo & Bear will return to us at the drop of a stinky dead animal (we will see about that)!

Don't forget your 'Night Night' biscuits either....or is that just me that does that? We are testing out a new local Yorkshire supplier of healthy biscuits from the Wholesome Hound. The Banana and Coconut ones smell delish!



Collars and leads and everything in between for the stylish woof:

We ensure that both Moo Moo & Bear have the essentials for enjoying their walks. For Moo Moo a bandana serves a purpose as it also holds a pet remedy scent for her anxiety. And the flowers? well every girl has got to look pretty haven't they?But from walking in the countryside, holidaying by the seaside or hopping in your camper to see where your travels take you, Moo Moo & Bear will kit you out with suitable style!

Dog Tags are a new range to our collection and you can even have an additional tag should you wish with "I'm on holiday" should the unthinkable happen then it will alert people that your dog may not know its surroundings.



It's an essential piece of kit for your holidays to capture those memories. Whether it be a DSLR, compact, or just simply your phone, some of which take amazing photos these days. It's a wonderful long lasting memory to keep of those special moments you share together.


The Moo Moo & Bear Essential Travel list:

Not an exhaustive list by any means, but from the dog lovers we asked, here is list of the items that you may possibly need when you go away with your dogs. Use it as a checklist to ensure you have packed the essentials:

Dog Crate
Dog Bed
Dog Blanket
Throws for furniture
Feeding bowls and water bowls and water bottle for out and about
Poop bags & Dicky Bag
Recall treats
Heathly Chews
Dog Toys
Coats for inclement weather
Tick remover
First Aid Kit
Dog Collar, lead, Harness and accessories (dress up attire for the evening)
Tie up stake
Grooming Kit and Towels
Oh, and after all that don't forget the dog!

    We thought we would share just a few snippets of our past travels with both Moo Moo & bear from the Lakes to Norfolk and everywhere in between. Wet, sandy and muddy walks are always the best!

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