Welcome to #WednesdayWalkies

Welcome to Wednesday Walkies, its a new blog post that we would love to share with you every month. So how does this all work? Well, we will post a blog the first Wednesday of every month (well that's the plan unless Mum is busy) about where we walked, and maybe just a little bit about the location, maybe why we love it, maybe the views, maybe a little bit of history of the place.

Once this is uploaded to social media, or the website, we would love for you guys to join in and let us know both who you are and where your walk was that particular day. You can comment via social media or leave us comments on the blog itself.

Now were not planning any major mountain attempts, or anything spectacular, just a snapshot of our walks, which Mum does tend to vary every day.....it may even just simply be the park...who knows. but its about sharing little something from your day with us as we have done with you. Are you in?

Today we went to one of our favourite local walks, the Chevin Forest Park, it started off as a dry walk, although we have had rain of biblical proportions over the last week or so, but it all ended a little bit muddier and a little bit wetter than Mum or we had anticipated...yes I ( Moo Moo) actually went on strike at the end and took shelter under a tree whilst Mum faffed with her camera.

The forest consists of a whopping 180 acres of varying environments, woodland, healthland and grassland plus some stonking rocky outcrops. We love it so much, as there are so many different areas to explore, smell and discover. There is a variety of pathways leading through and round the forest and as of yet we haven't explored every single one of them there are that many. It is located on a very steep slope so many of the pathways lead to a steep incline one way or another but you are usually rewarded by a fantastic view.
There are still some of the 9 timber sculptures dotted around the park that haven't yet been destroyed by the elements, and these were created nearly10 years ago by a local talented artist, Shane Green. You will find them dotted along 2.5km route with each sculpture representing a different epoch of the Chevin’s history. The walk takes you back in time as you progress, starting with a cyclist and climber, and ending with a caveman. Eight stone carvings make up a 3km trail explaining the geology of the site.
Our path led us off the beaten track slightly to avoid most of the muddy puddles and to enjoy a little natural enrichment that the autumnal leaves can bring.

We hope you will join us again next month for our #WednesdayWalkies.

Don't forget to use the #on social media, and share your walks with us.

Woofs for a great week, Moo Moo & Bear



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