Cows ears are a great long lasting chew for any size dog that your dog will really enjoy.  Packed with flavour and wonderfully nutritious  a cows ear is a healthy, low fat alternative to pig ears, they are low in odour and non-greasy, making a very special treat or snack.


Why fur? The fur is classed as a source of fibre but is also undigestible.  It acts as a brush travelling through the digestive tract clearing away any worms and eggs in the digestive system.


  • 100% pure cow’s ear
  • Easily digestible
  • No additives
  • Responsibly sourced from Europe


As with all chews, we recommend that you supervise your dog whilst they are eating. Although it is fully digestible, if a large chunk is swallowed this could cause a choking hazard.

FEEDING GUIDE: we would recommend only one per day as a treat dependant upon the size of your dog.




Analytic :Crude protein 54.6%, crude fat 6.4%, moisture 6%, ash 1.8%.


Always have fresh water available for your dog. Available for UK Orders Only.



Cows Ears - with fur



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