Moo Moo & Bear are bringing together their handmade bandanas alongside the Pet Remedy spray to give you the full package, and even better, we're giving you a voucher for 20% off your next Pet Remedy purchase.


Pet Remedy is a unique formula of low concentration Valerian absolute oil and other essential oils, working with your dogs own natural calming mechanisms.  It helps fire those calming messages in the brain almost instantly.


Spraying Pet Remedy on a bandana is one of the easiest methods of administration of the spray, right to the place that it best works (the chest and near the muzzle area).  You get to choose your fabric choice and size of bandana, and we package together with the 15ml size calming spray.  This spay is an ideal starting point into the introduction of Pet Remedy.  


It can help your dog in a variety of different environments where signs of stress are shown.  Triggers can be fireworks; changes in the home; loud noises; separation and a multitude of other events.  Pet Remedy is a natural product which enables stressed dogs to be more aware of their environment, are more attentive, which in turn helps confidence building and training.


PLEASE NOTE: your item will be sent with flat packaging enclosed to enable us to send at a more resonable postage rate for you.


Pet Remedy Calming spray is safe to be used around the home on bedding, collars and bandanas or gently rub into your fingers and apply around the muzzle, under the chin and top of the chest.


The mini pocket spray is perfect for taking out and about and is refuillable from the 200ml spray.


  • Starts to help instantly
  • Effects last for 2-6 hours dependant upon individual pet
  • Calms without sedating
  • Delivers 130 pump activations



Pet Remedy Package

  • All our products are lovingly handmade to order so we allow 1-2 weeks prior to dispatch.  However, if you need your order sooner, please get in touch.  


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