Pet Remedy is a unique formula of low concentration Valerian absolute oil and other essential oils, working with your dogs own natural calming mechanisms.  It helps fire those calming messages in the brain almost instantly.


It can help your dog in a variety of different environments where signs of stress are shown.  Triggers can be fireworks; changes in the home; loud noises; separation and a multitude of other events.  Pet Remedy is a natural product which enables stressed dogs to be more aware of their environment, are more attentive, which in turn helps confidence building and training.


Pet Remedy Calming Wipes and handy individual sachets, perfect as a first experience of Pet Remedy.  The wipes ahve a multitude of uses, from wiping hands before handling an anxious animal, wiping around your dogs muzle, ears and under the chin, wiping bedding and crates or even wrapping around a collar for instant relief. 


  • Starts to help instantly
  • Calms without sedating
  • Useful for noise sensitive dogs who would dislike the sound of the spray



Pet Remedy Individual Calming Wipes (Pack of 12)

  • All our products are lovingly handmade to order so we allow 1-2 weeks prior to dispatch.  However, if you need your order sooner, please get in touch.  


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