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Hairy venison skin is the perfect way to for satisfy your dog’s primal chewing instinct, and keep them occupied.  Chewing is a great to keep your dogs occupied and at the same time a calming activity.

Venison is a premium protein for your dog and it is known as the most nutritious of all red meats, naturally lean and low in fat.  A great alternative to beef or for those with sensitive tummies, and a healthy source of protein and iron, plus it has excellent omega 3 qualities and is also packed with chondroitin to keep joint pain at bay.  Venison ears are simply that, air dried Venison, a delicious crunchy snack.

  • Hypoallergenic
  • A great natural dental chew
  • Long lasting chew
  • Low in fat and high in protein

As with all chews, we recommend that you supervise your dog whilst they are eating. Although it is fully digestible, if a large chunk is swallowed this could cause a choking hazard.

FEEDING GUIDE: we would recommend only one per day as a treat dependant upon the size of your dog.

COMPOSITION: 100% Venison 

Always have fresh water available for your dog.  Available for UK Orders Only.