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Winners of the won Best New Pet care product at PATS for our Party Season Survival Kit. The kit includes: 1x 15ml Calming Spray; 1x 60 Day Plug Diffuser; 3x Calming Wipes

Pet Remedy is a unique formula of low concentration Valerian absolute oil and other essential oils, working with your dogs own natural calming mechanisms.  It helps fire those calming messages in the brain almost instantly.

It can help your dog in a variety of different environments where signs of stress are shown.  Triggers can be fireworks; changes in the home; loud noises; separation and a multitude of other events.  Pet Remedy is a natural product which enables stressed dogs to be more aware of their environment, are more attentive, which in turn helps confidence building and training.

The Pet Remedy Diffuser is easy to use and can be located where pet spends most of the time, or even in your grooming space.  It lets the de-stress and calming properties slowly release into the surrounding area.

  • Starts to help within minutes
  • Calms without sedating
  • Lasts up to 60 days
  • Coverage up to 60m2
  • Refill bottles available
  • 1x 15ml Calming Spray
    Use for localised and immediate effect
    Water based and pH neutral (safe on skin and coat of pet)
    Lasts for 2 – 8 hours depending on individual pet
    Use in conjunction with plug diffuser for best results
  • 1x 60 Day Plug Diffuser
    Suitable for all pets including birds and reptiles
    Ambient and constant slow release
    Last up to 8 weeks
    Cheap to run (only 5 watts)
    Coverage up to 60m2 / 650 sq ft (large room)
    Refill bottles available
  • 3x Calming Wipes
    Wipe on hands before handling an anxious animal
    Wipe around pet’s muzzle, ears, under chin and on chest
    Carry with you when out and about
    Wipe on pet bedding in the home and in the car
    Wipe on pet enclosures such as hamster & bird cages
    Useful for noise-sensitive animals who dislike the sound of a spray
    Wrap around harness or tuck into collar for anxious dogs


Available for UK orders only