Memorial Walk Corsage

Saturday 17th November, 2018

has raised £108.72 for Schnauzerfest 2019

We were delighted to be asked by Janetta Harvey to once again create the beautiful and meaningful Susie-Belle Corsage for a very special walk happening in November. 

The Susie-Belle Corsage was created back in 2016, after the very sad loss of beautiful Susie Belle in conjunction with Janetta for the first Susie-Belle Memorial Walk.


Created with four red petals filled with joy and happiness, each symbolising a year of her life free from the cruelty of the puppy farm she endured for so many miserable years. An orange central petal, a reminder of the amazing Schnauzerfest legacy she has created, and a red button...the beating heart of kindness.

20% from each of our corsages will be helping to open up the 2019 Schnauzerfest funds.  Funds support the Diana Brimblecombe Animal Rescue Centre, based in Reading who support many schnauzers rescued from the terrible world of puppy faming, most needing expensive life saving treatment.  Their work, care and dedication is incredible, allowing many schnauzers to fulfil a very happy and loved life.

Whether you will be walking with Janetta, or walking with Susie-Belle in your heart, wear a corsage to show your support. Orders will only be available until Friday 9th  November, in order for all orders to be packaged and posted in time for the walk the next weekend.

Further details of the walk can be found here:

Orders are now closed for our Susie- Belle Memorial Corsages.  We thank you for your interest.


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