We are very much into healthy eating for our furry family members here at Moo Moo & Bear and as such, source the highest quality natural treats available on the market for you to try.  All our treats and chews have passed the Moo Moo & Bear test by a couple of excellent quality controllers, and there is nothing we would sell that we wouldn't first happily give to our dogs.

Weekender Chews

Let's set the scene...its the end of the week, and your just going to put your feet up with a glass of something (if you know me it would be gin) and relax for the evening in front of the TV for the final episode of the drama you've been watching.  Your dog needs time to do this too. Don't forget these are also great to take out with you to the dog friendly pub whilst you enjoy a glass or two with your meal.   Chewing is a completely natural behaviour in dogs, but let's make sure its an appropriate chew, that's healthy and guilt free.  Yes, unless they are on a strict diet there should be no need to reduce their meal intake.  Our weekender range of chews are a great long lasting activity for your dogs, helping to calm them down naturally and in a guilt free fashion.  

Snack Time

Our handpicked section of 'Snack Time' treats and chews are just that, they are perfect to fill a hole between meals, or post walks.  There is always an expectation in our house that they get a small treat after their walks and it has to be a heathy and natural one..the stare is real...believe me!  So pick up something you know will be of benefit to your dogs. 



Designers and creators of beautiful handcrafted dog collars and accessories for the stylish woof.

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