15 Dog walk essentials for a countryside walk


Hindsight is a beautiful thing. We don’t want you off out on a jaunt with your dog and getting caught short. So, have a quick scan of this list and make sure you have everything you need packed before you set off for a fun day out with your dog. 




          1. Dog Treats


Delicious yet healthy dog training treats are a must for dog walks. Recall needs regular rewarding, they are useful for distracting from things that might encourage a barkfest or running off, and they’re handy for gaining attention for photo time!

I love JR Pet Products training treats for days out as they don’t leave a sticky residue on your hands, and Moo Moo and Bear think they’re delicious… and well worth coming back for!


JR Pet Products Training treats - Treats for dog walks | Moo Moo & Bear


They’re bite-size, crunchy and 100% natural. Available in chicken, seabass, goat, venison and rabbit. Stock up here.


         2. A bag especially for dog poo!


I love my Dicky Bag. It’s a bag designed especially for carrying dog poop.  Dicky Bags contain the stink, and they have a clever little scented disc inside to help mask the smell until you find a poo bin. 


The bag simply clips onto your waistband, or you can attach it to your bag. It’s a godsend for both country and city dog walks alike. Of course, there’s never a poo bin in sight when you need one, is there? 


A Dicky Bag means that you can ditch carrying poo bags in your hand until you find a bin, AND you’ll never have to consider whether it’s ok to pop it in your own bag! (imagine if it leaked!)


Get your paws on a Schnauzer themed dicky bag here


          3. Poo bags and plenty of ‘em!


Your Dicky Bag has a neat little compartment in the top for storing poo bags, but I go by the rule of thumb that more is best. It’s a horrible feeling when your dog decides to squeeze yet another poop out, and you’ve run out of poo bags!


Whack a couple of extra rolls in your bag, so you don’t get that sinking feeling when your dog decides it’s time for one more turd before hometime. 


         4. Dog water bottle or collapsible bowl


Your dog may prefer a puddle, but you want to encourage your dog to drink fresh water! Carry a collapsible dog bowl and a bottle of water, whatever the weather. 


Communal drinking bowls (and puddles) can be havens for bacteria, so make sure you have an alternative so your dog can stay safely hydrated on your walks. 



          5. Dog-Friendly Wipes


    If you have a roller on your hands, then carrying some dog-friendly wipes can get rid of the worst after a fox poo roll fest. If you’re heading to grab some food or a drink after your walk, you will be very glad you packed these!


    If your hands are mucky with dog treat crumbs or you’ve had a bit of a poop faux pas, then again, you will be incredibly relieved you have these wipes in your bag!


              6. Hand sanitiser


      I think we all carry hand sanitiser everywhere these days, but it’s always been essential on a dog walk! Poo picking, grubby ball throwing, and all the other delightful jobs we do for our beloved dogs mean that hand sanitiser is called for on practically every dog walk.


                 7. Emergency dog lead


      A spare lead might sound over the top, but if you happen to lose your dog’s lead, it breaks while you’re out, or you find a lost dog, then you’ll be smug as pie that you’ve packed a spare!


      You can get a convenient little dog lead in a tin so that it doesn’t take up too much space in your bag. <link to https://www.amazon.co.uk/Travel-Dog-Kit-Tin/dp/B009NGW46A>


                8. Dog blanket or roll-up mat

        If we’re visiting friends, stopping at the pub or having a picnic, then I always bring a dog blanket, so the girls have somewhere to settle. Nobody wants a restless dog pacing or yapping while they’re out, so introduce your dog blanket as a place to relax at home, and your dog will form calm associations. Your clever dog will know just what to do when their royal resting blankie is rolled out!


                  9. Dog chews and snacks

          Dog chews can really help your dog to settle on their blanket while you’re out. If you don’t want your dog to be on high alert or begging for shares off your plate, then have a stash of irresistible dog chews and snacks ready to go!


          Lamb ears, chicken feet and rabbit ears are all great choices for chews when you’re out and about as they’re low odour so that you won’t upset the other diners!


                     10. A cool vest or water-resistant dog coat

            If we’re blessed with good weather, then I always pack the girls cooling jackets to help keep them comfortable and from getting too hot. And for colder or rainy weather, I always bring along their waterproofs. 


            cooling vest on a schnauzer


            To be honest, days out and holidays in the UK can often call for both… sometimes even on the same day!


                      11. Harness and BioThane dog lead

              If we’re off out for a woodland or country walk, then I’ll always bring a biothane lead. 


              Biothane leads are easy to wipe clean and don’t get heavy and sodden with mud like a regular dog lead. If I know the girls will need to be on their leads a fair bit, I’ll opt for their harnesses for maximum comfort. 


              Check out our range of BioThane leads and collars here.  


                       12. Pretty matching dog lead and collar 

                When we’re not on muddy adventure walks, we choose pretty matching leads and collars. They’re perfect for evenings out and city excursions, and they never fail to turn a few heads. 


                Our leads and collars are handmade in Yorkshire (by yours truly), and they have a gloriously soft velvet-lined handle for your comfort.


                Shop the classic collection here or check out our Liberty dog collar collection for something extra special. 


                          13. A Dog tag for every collar and harness

                  If you’re using multiple collars or harnesses, then don’t forget to ensure you have a dog tag on each one. If your dog should get lost or go missing, then you want to make it easy for anyone who finds them to contact you. Of course, it’s also a legal requirement, but I think a quick reunite is more motivating!


                  Your dog’s tag should have your telephone number, your name, postcode and door number on it. 


                            14. Dog first aid kit

                    Cut paws, stings, and poked eyes happen. If your dog is exploring in the bushes or sauntering through meadows, accidents can occur. The majority of our dog walks are blissfully uneventful, but it’s good to be prepared.  You can get a little dog first aid kit to keep in your bag so that you’re equipped for any unexpected incidents. 


                              15. Make room on your camera phone

                      Last but by no means least, free up some space on your phone, so you can take lots of lovely pictures of your dog! Our phones can get filled up pretty fast with all of our snaps, so get some of your pics backed up, and you’ll be able to take a trillion more!


                      DOG ESSENTIALS FOR YOU!


                      We’ve got all of your dog’s needs taken care of, but I hope you have some room in your bag for the things YOU need?


                                1. A spacious bag


                      I like to take a wheely suitcase on our day trips, so I can just wheel it up and down the hills as we go on our merry way. Comfort is key, so choose a bag that won’t ruin your day out; that’s also roomy enough for everything you need. 


                      If you’re choosing a backpack, then I’d recommend one with padded straps and plenty of compartments, so you don’t have to decant everything when you’re searching for treats!


                                 2. Comfy shoes


                      Again, comfort is key! Avoid wearing new shoes, walking boots or wellies for long dog walks. Instead, grab those comfy, well-worn walking shoes and enjoy every moment of your doggy day out.


                      Dog walking boots


                                3. Snacks


                      Dog treats, check! But have you got some snacks packed for the workhorse?! When you find yourself a little lost on your walking route, or you find a divine spot to take in the view, it’s time for both your dog AND you to refuel!


                                4. Water


                      I know you love your dog, but you probably don’t want to share their water bowl! So make sure you have enough water for both of you for your trip. 


                      Schnauzer Water Bottle | Moo Moo & Bear


                      Have you seen our Schnauzer lover water bottles


                                5. Pack a mac


                      Make sure you’re covered for the great British weather too. Layer up so if the sun makes an appearance, you can take a layer off. Don’t forget to pack a rain mac to cover you for those unexpected downpours!



                                6. Paper walking map


                      There are some amazing walking apps out there such as All Trails or OS Explorer, but if like us you like to wild wander for a full day into fells and mountains, then you need a paper map with you, as we all know phone batteries like to fail us in our hour of need.


                      OS Explorer map for walking 


                                7. Phone Charger


                      If you wind up out for longer than you thought, then you’ll be glad to have a phone power bank to charge your phone on the move. This is especially vital if you’re relying on maps on your phone to find your way around or if your dog should go missing. 



                                8. Carrier bags


                      If you get soaked, or your dog gets so filthy they need a wipe down, then you’ll want to be able to separate your clean gear from the muck. A couple of carrier bags should do the job!


                      KEEPING SAFE ON DOG DAYS OUT


                      If you’re venturing somewhere new, just be aware that you don’t always know how your dog will respond to new things. For example, exploring new areas of the countryside can mean that roads spring up when you least expect them, or there may be livestock, rivers or horseriders ahead. 


                      Countryside code for dog walks in the countryside


                      Just keep your eyes peeled and if you don’t have a clear line of vision, then pop your dog on the lead until you do. 


                      I’m sure you have an abundance of photos of your dog on your phone. Keep a clear and recent picture handy, so in the event your dog gets lost or bolts, you have easy access to share to get you reunited as quickly as possible. 


                      If you’re likely to be out with your dog after dark, then it’s worth getting a light for your dog’s collar. This means you’ll be able to see your dog in the garden or on walks in the evening and at night. 


                      And you’re all set!


                      Have a fabulous time making memories with your dog. They are the joy that makes every day that little bit brighter. 


                      I hope with this handy list of dog walking essentials that you’ll have everything you need to have a jolly good day out with your dog without being caught short of a thing!


                      Happy memory making.


                      Nadia, Moo Moo and Bear. 











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                        A dog walk is an essential part of a dog’s daily routine and requires some preparation to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for both you and your pet.

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