Supporting Charity

We are proud to be supporters of charity at Moo Moo & Bear.  It Is something I have personally done throughout my life from being a teen.  Every year, Moo Moo & Bear have created a unique collection of dog products specifically to raise much needed funds.  Find out more below:


Schnauzerfest is a fundraiser very close to our hearts here at Moo Moo & Bear. 

Author, campaigner, blogger and all round fabulous lady, Janetta Harvey ( first set it up in 2014, to support the rescue centre Diana Brimblecombe Animal Rescue Centre (DBARC) (  The DBARC team, who we have become very close to go above and beyond in their care, support and medical interventions that possibly no other rescue centre would for the puppy farmed rescue schnauzers that luckily end up in their care.  The work entailed before the rehoming process is massive, and long, and hugely expensive but DBARC do the most amazing things for the dogs in their care!
Schnauzerfest is officially now a charity (Registered Charity No: 1185975), but is most widely know as a nationwide fundraising event held in October each year.  It's a weekend filled with walks up and down the country from Okney to Cornwall and everywhere in between.  Not only is it walks, but its turned into a schnauzer themed 'bake off' with cakes and buns in every shade of orange, and not forgetting the most important participants, doggy treats of all shapes and sizes, baked with love and care from many to support the cause.  There are also fund-raising events online throughout the year to help support the funds.  
Moo Moo & Bear has become synonymous with Schnauzerfest, in fact, we will let you into a little secret....we really set up our business in order to have a platform to create beautiful Schnauzerfest corsages, and look where we are today?!?!

We now sell a large range of Schnauzerfest products each year, all designed, created and made by us*, with a donation from each product being donated to the funds. To date, over the last 8 years, we have raised over £8000.
Our Schnauzerfest products have become an important part of the whole event, a symbol of unity, of oneness and a visual sea of orange which helps us be identified by the masses.  A means of engaging others and highlighting what we are supporting.
For further details of Schnauzerfest, please take a look at their website *exceptions may apply