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Our distinctive beardy dogs with big personalities are a force to be reckoned with. And we wouldn’t have it any other way, so we polled our loyal Schnauzer fans to ask what their favourite Schnauzer personality traits were. And if any Schnauzer particulars drove them barking mad! 

Without further ado, here are our Schnauzer lover’s most loved Schnauzerisms. 



     1.   Schnauzers are never far away from the hand that feeds - Schnauzers are perpetually starving.....No matter how much they've had to eat.


     2.   I am the sniffer, not the sniffee! Schnauzers are partial to obligatory greeting sniffs with other dogs. But should the other dog wish to reciprocate, it’s often not very welcome!


     3.    You will never feel lonely again with a Schnauzer.  They’re very talkative and incredibly expressive.  Even when silent, just one look will clearly let you know if they approve or detest.  As Bella and Mabel’s mum put it in her Schnauzer Spotlight post, Schnauzers can switch from a death stare to a heart-melting gaze! 


     4.   They’re hairy comedians.  You’ll never be bored with a Schnauzer in your life, that’s for sure.  Between their expressive faces and mischievous antics, you will forever be entertained. 

the schnauzer character and personality


     5.   Speedy investigators and chilled snoozers, all in one beautiful furry package.  Our Schnauzers love a good adventure and a sprint about, but they also revel in quiet time to snooze a few hours away.  They’re the perfect combination of energetic and cuddly.


     6.   Devoted and affectionate.  Our Schnauzers have a sixth sense for when someone is in need of a bit of extra beardy love and attention.


     7.   We waited this long to get to….. STUBBORN!  Schnauzers are gloriously certain about what they want and are not afraid to dig their paws in if your ideas don’t align with theirs.


      8.   Schnauzers are very intelligent and a joy to train … so long as they’re on board with the fact that what they’re learning is beneficial to them.   Bring out the best treats going, for we know your Schnauzer is HUNGRY …. again.


      9.   Schnauzer Sass.  Our beloved Schnauzer’s know they’ve got it, and they flaunt it unapologetically with true Schnauzer Sass.


     10.  Admired by all.  Allow some extra time if you’re heading somewhere in a hurry with your Schnauzer, as you’re sure to be stopped for some Schnauzer appreciation on your travels.


     11.  A Schnauzer will be your personal security guard.  May no man, squirrel, or leaf enter the parameters of your property without raising the Schnauzer alarm!


     12.  Their magnetic beards and incredible brows are impressive.  Both in terms of beauty… and what can be harvested and retained inside those stunning whiskers of glory. 


     13.  Schnauzers are smart and quick-witted.  Your Schnauzer will be nimble and crafty enough to command the best spot on the bed or sofa …. And don’t be    surprised if he/she turns into a dead weight if you try and shift them! 


     14.  Schnauzers have incredible personality in spades.  They’re spirited, determined, feisty, and gloriously affectionate.


     15.  Schnauzers have a keen nose, magnificent for sniffing out even the tiniest patch of fox poo to roll in.  You won’t get anything past a Schnauzer.


     16.  Schnauzers are playful and fun-loving.  Whether with their human, toys…. Or items they’ve discovered around the home (ahem), they have a wonderful zest for life.


     17.  They’re incredibly loyal.  Once you have a Schnauzer’s love, you have a devoted fan for life.


     18.  This last one’s from Lolah and Minny… for Schnauzers ALWAYS have to have the last word ;).



Schnauzers are a wonderful breed. Yes, they may be a bit bonkers, but that's part of the joy. In our eyes, they are much more than ‘just a dog,’ they are exuberant members of the family that bring so much to our lives. 


We are very grateful to be Schnauzer’d … even in spite of their ….



Well, there was one resounding trait that our fellow Schnauzer fans reported as the least desirable Schnauzer personality trait. 


Can you guess what it is?! 


Yep. Their incessant desire to keep us safe results in a tad too much barking sometimes. 


We are forever grateful for their devotion to our security and wellbeing, but it’d be nice if it were just a *little* less alarming! 




Is it on the list, or have we missed some much-loved schnauzer personality traits that make your heart skip a beat?! 


Let us know in the comments below.


  • Posted by Susie Sams on

    Our favorite Schnauzer trait of all the Mini Schnauzers I’ve had(6), is what we call “wooing”. If you aren’t with the pack and come into the house later than our dog thinks you should, you get Wooed. He will stand at the door and lecture you. Wooing as many times as he feels the offense requires. it’s hilarious, and he’s only two years old! Wonder what is ahead for us!

  • Posted by Gail Wilson on

    I have had miniature schnauzers since I was 30 years old. I’m now 65 and on my third go around with three, Benjamin, Lexi, and Lucas. All the articles I have read about miniature schnauzers say they are easily trained. If they are including potty training in this easily trained statement, I must disagree. I have never had an easy time potty training because they are so stubborn. And they absolutely do anything they want and I better like it. Sometimes I think it’s the other way around, and I’m the one who has been trained. Oh well, all the other wonderful quirky spunky traits make up for it. I absolutely love this breed. Is there anyone out there that has had potty training problems besides me?

  • Posted by Elizabeth Smith on

    My Gracie is 20 months old and has just recently caught onto the fact that she should only poop outside. I have an invisible fence and take her out often but she would still come in and find somewhere to poop! I blamed myself for not walking her all the time. Something has clicked now! No more poop in the house.

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