Wednesday walkies during Lockdown


We are just into week 7 of the lockdown here in the UK due to Covid-19. How is everyone doing? The weather at least has been on our side and we have at least been able to go out everyday and enjoy some fresh air on our daily permitted exercise during this time.


Today we did our favourite local walk, a 3 mile stroll into the countryside which today took just short of 2 hours as we stopped for the obligatory photos and a dicky knee. We class ourselves as very lucky especially during these testing times to have the countryside right on our doorstep to enjoy daily. Our local doorstep walk takes us down the lane and onto a section of the Leeds Country Way. A 62 mile long circular footpath around Leeds which encompasses some beautiful scenery and countryside which surrounds the city of Leeds.



The section of walk we do also takes us very close to the local airport, in fact we live on the flight path, the lights can be seen in the field next to us from our house. Having lived in Horsforth for over 20 years now, the airplanes are a noise that as dwellers you get used to.


Once they have gone, its bliss, no traffic noise, just birdsong and the odd horse or cow. It's strangely eerie at the moment as I can probably count on one hand the number of airplanes that have flown over in the past 7 weeks, and when they do its actually a really comforting and familiar sound. Our walk takes us through the field containing the approach lights.



There is not much colour on our walk, but I have started to notice the fresh spring green of new growth that surrounds us, from the ivy on the stone walls, to the beech trees and the ferns in the woods. However the woods have got a smattering of beautiful bluebells. It is beautiful at this time of year, and on our usual walk we would find entire carpets of colourful lilac. But today we take what we can find and are grateful of every smidgen of colour offered to us.


We always add a smattering of colour to our walks with the girls outfits and today was no exception.



Today we were #steppingoutforSchnauzerfest. It's a campaign run by Schnauzerfest who have recently been appointed charity status (reg no: 1185975). It is an incredibly tough time for many small charities, especially rescue centres to raise funds during this pandemic as normal fundraising streams are off limits due to social distancing rules, but #stepoutforschnauzerfest is a new 'virtual' campaign which everyone is able to partake in during lockdown. Between April and October (the usual month of Schnauzerfest) you can choose your place to walk locally, round the block or even in your garden, obviously observing strict social distancing guidelines and have something orange with you. It could be as simple as an orange piece of ribbon tied around the lead...thats it!


If you would like to donate, we are raising funds via our own Just Giving page for the campaign: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/MooMooandbearsteppingoutforschnauzerfest.


We would love to know where your lockdown walks take you.


Moo Moo & Bear

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