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The Brimham tweed handmade dog collar takes its name from the ancient gritstone rock formations at Brimham Rocks.  

The natural spectacle of giant rock formations, was created by an immense river 100 million years before the first dinosaurs walked the earth.  The Brimham dog collar and lead is a traditional Twill pattern woven in our hard-wearing Shetland wool and is reminiscent of the dark and unusual rock formations.

Heritage by Moo Moo & Bear wool dog collars and accessories are steeped in Yorkshire history and pride, just like us.  Our luxury products are beautifully handmade here in Yorkshire, using raw wool which is dyed, spun, warped and finished right here in Yorkshire, making the products super carbon friendly. 

Yorkshire has for hundreds of years been proud of its history in the wool and textile industry, and here at Moo Moo & Bear we are continuing this proud heritage producing luxury dog collars made from Yorkshire wool.

Our Heritage collars are made from 100% hardwearing wool backed onto a strong webbing which gives each of our collars strength and stability, and finished with high quality metal hardware.

All Heritage leads similarly are made from 100% wool with a luxurious soft velvet lined handle for added comfort, and wrapped around a webbing core to give added strength and stability, and finished with a heavy duty trigger clip. Standard length is 110cm from end to end (including both handle and trigger hook). If the lead option is added, then it will be in the same width as selected collar. 


SML - 20mm width - Collar length approximately 9" - 12"

MED - 20mm width - Collar length approximately 10" - 14"

MED - 25mm width - Collar length approximately 10" - 14"

LRG - 20mm width - Collar length approximately 12" - 18"

LRG - 25mm width - Collar length approximately 12" - 18"

XL - 25mm width - Collar length approximately 14" - 22"


The lifespan of the product will very much vary depending upon each individual dogs activity levels and length of time wearing a collar.  To enable longevity of your collar and accessories, our guidance would be to wear on walks but not as a daily long term collar as wear and tear will occur with all items that are worn on a regular basis due to the nature of the materials used.

Tweed wool may fur up over time.  To refresh your fabric, you can use a razor to gently remove the fuzz.


Should you wish to machine wash your collar, then please wash on a cool hand wash setting, and place in a cotton bag or sock to prevent damage to your machine or the clasp.

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